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FULTON - The future is looking brighter for the stray dogs and cats of Fulton. The city is planning to build a new animal shelter. 

"We need a bigger facility to house more dogs and more cats," Animal Control Supervisor Tina Barnes said. "It stays gloomy in here."

The current shelter is an old swimming pool bath house, originally built in the 1950's. Barnes said the windows are falling in, the cages are too small and it's too crowded for the animals. The shelter houses about 25 dogs and 15 cats at any given time. 

Once it is finished, the new shelter will fix all those problems. It will be 6,000-square-foot building with better taller cages and more open space.  

"In a new location we'll have bigger areas for them to get out and exercise. It'll be fresh and we'll really be able to keep it clean," Barnes said. 

However, the funding for the new shelter comes slower than the ideas to make it the perfect place for pets. 

Fulton city officials said the city could not pay for the shelter out of pocket, so the project depends on donations. 

"The mayor thought, 'hey, instead of just trying to budget for it with the city's money, let's try and raise it privately," Darin Wernig said. "So far, we've raised 60 percent of our goal, more than $160,000. We're trying to raise $250,000." 

The city donated the land for the new location and pledged $50,000, but there is still a long way to go. 

People can help make the shelter possible by purchasing an engraved brick for the building or by giving a donation at Fulton City Hall. The goal is to start construction in the spring 2013.