Sheltering the Unemployed In Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The unemployment rate in Missouri increased to 8.8% in August according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is 3627 more jobless people compared to July.

The Salvation Army is running various programs to train unemployed people and provide job opportunities. Terrence Wolfe was employed at the Salvation Army Thrift Store two months after he lost his last job in 2009. He is now staying in the Harbor House.

Salvation Army Regional Coordinator Kendall Matthews said the economy is affecting people who are trying to get out of the House.

"They've really worked to try to increse their enployment or increase themselves," Matthews said. "But with the economy, with everything going on, they have been impacted because they don't have the skills."

Wolfe said he's taken advantage of the opportunities to learn something new. He considers it as a place to take him back to his feet.

He is taking a computer class, and he is also learning some electric maintainance skills from his work.

"This type of keep function, keep motivating myself, and continue my life," Wolfe said.

Matthews said 58 out of 61 beds in the Harbor House shelter are full.

Officials from Missouri Department of Economic Development cannot be reached.