Sheriff Dixon in Court for Harassment, Stalking

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LINN - Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon was arraigned Thursday on several charges.

Dixon was arraigned for a felony charge of tampering with a motor vehicle and four misdemeanors: sexual misconduct, third-degree assault, harassment and stalking.

The alleged victim is an officer with the Belle Police Department. Officer Courtney Mahaney filed complaints to the Maries County Sheriff's Department earlier this year.

"To my understanding there has only been one person to make a complaint that Sheriff Dixon did anything inappropriate," said Dixon's attorney Travis Noble. "I know that she is a former employee and a disgruntled employee and she has now aligned herself with people who are not necessarily supportive of Sheriff Dixon."

Noble said he also questions multiple parts of Mahaney's complaints.

"I think the complaints she has made are suspicious in terms of how they were made and who they were made to and how and when this all came out," said Noble. "I intend on going through and seeking discovery and requiring all the statements she has made to see if they are consistent."

Dixon pleaded not guilty to the charges Thursday and requested a preliminary hearing.

The Missouri Supreme Court has assigned Judge Richard Bresnahan to the case to avoid a conflict of interest.