Sheriff Speaks Out Against Gun Bill

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JEFFERSON CITY - Cole County Sheriff Greg White spoke out Thursday against parts of controversial gun bill, House Bill 436

House Bill 436 states all federal laws that limit peoples right to bear arms would be invalid and the state would not recognize the laws. 

He also said if lawmakers override the governor's veto, state law enforcement would not assist federal agencies, which could cause a problem when it comes to issues such as drug busts. 

"If we made a case that we would normally refer to the Fed's, a significant drug bust, whether it would climb to other states or to other nations and there was a single shot 22-rifle involved, we couldn't refer it because of the gun issue and the state can prohibit us," White said.

House Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eurkea, voiced his support of the bill earlier this week in response to Attorney General Chris Koster's letter to him regarding the bill. 

The veto session begins Sept. 11, when the bill will be voted on.