Sherlaw Revokes Acceptance of CMHS Executive Director Position

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COLUMBIA - After being named the next executive director for the Central Missouri Humane Society last week, Kimberly Sherlaw has now rescinded her acceptance of the position due to personal reasons according to the CMHS. Sherlaw was set to take over starting in March.

"She indicated to the board that she felt welcomed by Columbia residents, the CMHS staff, and the Board of Directors, but that personal considerations suddenly prevented her from taking the position," said the CMHS news release.

Sherlaw has worked as director of the Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and executive director of the Norfolk Virginia SPCA. No Kill Columbia said previously it was hoping a new director would be able to stop the killing of adoptable animals at the shelter. Currently, the center has an open door policy, which means they will accept any number of pets, but may have to euthanize animals due to space restrictions.

CMHS has reopened the search for its next executive director. A review of applicants will begin March 9th.