Shigella outbreak hits Moniteau County

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COLUMBIA - Moniteau County is experiencing more cases of Shigella than usual.

Shigella is a bacterial infection that is spread when someone comes into contact with fecal material, changing diapers, for example. It happens when people don't wash their hands or wipe down changing tables.

Andrea Kincaid, the R/N administrator from Moniteau County, said Moniteau is experiencing 80 cases right now and is currently educating its schools about minimizing the spread of the disease.

"We want people to stay home until the diarrhea stops for at least 24 hours," Kincaid said.

She said that caregivers, parents, teachers and children are at highest risk.

Andrea Waner at Boone County Public Health and Human Services said Shigella is not a concern there.

“We see Shigella cases every year, so it’s not like it’s a new thing. Historically other than last year, we've seen probably an average of 5 to 6 cases per year," she said.

Shighella infections can last four to seven days.


Waner said anyone wanting more information should contact their doctors.