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COLUMBIA - Cierra Nelson is turning nine on Sunday, but intead of asking for presents, she had a unique request. She asked that people in her community donate shoes to the less fortunate in here honor.

"She's been asking to do this for months." said James Nelson, her father. On Saturday he travelled down to Rolla, MO to pick up shoes from donors. He also created a facebook page in order to invite as many people as he could to participate.

So the family began collecting shoes on about a month ago, and has about 500 to date. Donations can be brought to Living Canvas Tattoo at 520 East Broadway, and all of the Pizza Hut Locations have set up boxes for shoes as well.

Mexico resident Tammi Carter shared the page with several of her friends this week, and soon after started receiving shoes at her front porch which she brought to Columbia.

Cierra and her family will continue to collect shoes after her birthday and start distributing them in mid January. "If someone has shoes they want to donate after then, we'll get them to the right place." said Belinda Nelson, Cierra's grandmother.