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COLUMBIA - The neighborhood near Fourth and King Avenues are quiet once again after a dramatic afternoon.  Two cars were headed west on Fourth Avenue when shots were fired from one vehicle to another.  The bullets struck a 32-year-old black man in the upper body, and sent to the hospital. Neighbors on Fourth Avenue were quite unsettled about the incident. 

"It makes me sad because like I said these people don't live in this neighborhood and this isn't typical of this neighborhood, and they probably didn't even know that they were near a school and a day care. They probably didn't know and they probably didn't care," said Karen Baxter.

Sergeant Schlude described the suspects vehicle as an older model four-door, gold car with tinted windows. Neighbors say the suspects car turned left off of Fourth Avenue onto King Street and drove off quickly. No arrests have been made yet. 

"The motive of the shooting hasn't been established, but we are still investigating," said Sergeant Jill Schlude.