Shooting in Aspen Heights leaves one wounded

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COLUMBIA - A shooting in Aspen Heights has left one wounded and multiple in police custody. 

The Columbia Police Department responded to multiple calls at around 2 a.m. Saturday morning reporting gunshots. 

Upon arrival, police discovered a vehicle with a bullet hole in the driver's side door and window, as well as one victim.

The 22-year-old female was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

After further investigation, CPD found what it's calling a physical disturbance ocurred prior to the shooting.  

In a formal statement to residents and their parents, Aspen Heights revealed that there are multiple individuals in police custody. They urge residents to call the Columbia Police Department with any information. 

The statement goes on to remind residents of the ten person limit that has been placed on each unit for the amount of people that can be in one of the houses at a time and that residents are responsible for the actions of their guests. 

The investigation is currently ongoing and there is no information on the suspects at this time.

This is not Aspen Heights' first shooting incident. Last year KOMU reported on an armed robbery, shots fired and other crimes

Update- Aspen Heights has notified its tenants that photo identification will be required in order to enter its gates. As for guests, they will need to check in with the security officer at the main entrance. 

Update- Columbia Police have arrested two suspects involved in the shooting at Aspen Heights. The men arrested are Columbia resident, Christopher Herron and Grandview resident, Leonard Jordan. Both subjects are 19 years old and are charged with second degree assualt and unlawful use of weapons. Each charge's bond is set at $4,500. Witnesses report that Herron fired a gun in the air amidst a physical disturbance outside his residence and Jordan shot into the crowd following Herron. The Columbia Police Department arrested Herron at his home in Aspen hights at about 4 a.m. and Jordan was arrested later that day at 4 p.m. 

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