Shooting in Boone County

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BOONE COUNTY - Many residents weren't aware there was a shooting on their street until the day after it happened.

The shooting took place Thursday morning on the 700 block of Demaret Drive and left one woman with a gunshot wound in the hand.  The identity of the victim is still unknown.

According to neighbor John Auberlin, the incident is commonplace.  He said law enforcement has visited the half mile road more than 500 times already this year. 

"I don't feel safe leaving my family here at all.  It's not very comfortable knowing all this stuff is going on and they expect people to pay rent here," he said.  "Basically, you pay rent to put your life on the line.

Auberlin expressed a desire to move his family out of the area, but is far from the only person with the same thought.

"I would like to leave this neighborhood, but at the moment finances don't permit," resident Amanda Miller said.  She added that in the mean time, "You keep your doorlocked, you keep your car locked, you don't go out at night alone.  There's not much else you can do."

Auberlin suggested people paying rent in the neighborhood should be required to get a background check before moving there as a way to reduce the violence.