Shooting Near Blue Ridge Elementary School

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COLUMBIA - A day after three men were wounded during a shooting in north Columbia, parents in the area appear unfazed.

"I was sitting in bed, watching the election to see what was going on we heard a bunch of sounds. Sounded like fireworks," Columbia resident Chris Bowne said.

"We kind of laughed about it because we thought it was for the election and it turned out it was not," his wife Heather said.

The crime scene was a block from Blue Ridge Elementary School. Heather says the incidents aren't as unusual as they may appear even though "it's an all family area."

We've only lived here about a year and a half and this, I'm pretty sure, is the fourth shooting that's happened on Blue Ridge since we've been here," Heather said.

The Bowne family lives adjacent to the elementary school and have two daughters that go to school there. Despite the string of shootings, the Bownes have no plans to move away. 

Chris Bowne added that he would feel safer and believes incidents would be reduced in the area if police officiers did more patrols.

""I think that around schools... it should be more secured," he said.