Shoppers Look for Last Minute Gifts at Columbia Mall

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COLUMBIA - Shoppers rushed to Columbia Mall Monday to buy last minute gifts. Mall officials said they saw an increase in shoppers this year over past years.

Mall officials said the increase in last minute shopping could be due to the economy and people waiting for last minute deals.

Other employees of the mall think the increase in shopping could be due to the day of the week that Christmas falls on this year.

"Sales at The Buckle have actually been really good this holiday season. Over the last week we've seen an increase just in the amount of shoppers because last year Christmas was on a Sunday instead so we had that extra time this year," said The Buckle manager Dana Totten.

Totten said after it snowed last week, mall traffic really picked up.

"The malls been packed. It's been really hard to find a parking spot when we come in."

The mall closes at 6:00 p.m. on Monday and will reopen the day after Christmas.