Shoppers Make Last Minute Thanksgiving Purchases

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COLUMBIA - With Thanksgiving dinner just hours away, shoppers were still pouring into HY-VEE late Wednesday night to grab some last minute groceries. Many grocery stores around the area saw bigger crowds as Mid-Missourians get everything on their lists for their perfect holiday meal.

HY-VEE employees were hard at work making sure Thanksgiving favorites were restocked and on hand for shoppers. Chicken stock, cranberries and of course, turkeys were all on sale.

According to the Blumberg Report, turkey prices are up 6.4 percent from last year to about $1.59 a pound. This is mostly due to the rise in the price of corn. KOMU 8 was able to find a decent sized turkey for only $11.65 inside HY-VEE.

If you wake up Thankgsiving morning and find you are missing a key ingredient to one of your dishes, don't worry. HY-VEE is open 24 hours a day, including all day on Thanksgiving.