Shoppers Wrap Up Holiday Sales Tax Weekend

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COLUMBIA - Shoppers saved a little bit of money at a local Walmart but not as much as everywhere else. That's because in Columbia and several other cities local and county sales taxes are still in effect.

But the 4.225 percent state sales tax didn't apply to school supplies, clothing, and computers this weekend. We found a lot of people who say the holiday is worth it but one Columbia resident who thinks the weekend is a wash.

"When I was in school, you could save money," Columbia resident Katie Lewis said. "But now that I'm on my own, it doesn't really help me in any way."

College parents were moving their children in this weekend. Some parents think the sales tax is worth it because every little bit helps.

"We've probably saved a couple hundred dollars because we did computers and tried to do some of our bigger purchases through the tax free weekend," St. Charles, Mo. resident Jill Noble said.

The sales tax holiday ends Sunday night at midnight. Cities like Columbia had to enact an ordinance to not participate.