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COLUMBIA - City workers began tearing up Short Steet about 8 o'clockTuesday morning.  They are doing site preparation for the Short Street parking garage. Short Street will be between Broadway and Walnut Street for construction relating to the new garage and DoubleTree hotel development.

Short Street construction hurts two surrounding businesses -- Jingo's Restaurant and Gumby's Pizza. Both businesses share a parking lot off of Short Street for delivery trucks and delivery drivers. Employees from both restaurants worry deliveries may be delayed now that Short Street is closed off until 2013.

"It really makes it a hassle for our delivery drivers to get in and out of the restaurant quickly because they have to take some random back route to get to the back of the store," general manager of Gumby's Robert Bostic said. 

City Manager Mike Mathis said he's excited about beginning the project. "The demand for parking just continues to grow as we grow as a city and a university town," Mathis said. 

City Council approved the $9 million dollar project at the beginning of October. The council is waiting on different bids to build up to 410 parking spaces, but nothing has been confirmed yet on the height of the building.  

The bricks removed from Short Street Tuesday will be recycled and used on other brick roads in the downtown area.