Short Street Garage

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COLUMBIA - Discussions continue about the construction of a new parking garage downtown. The Regency Hotel's redevelopment project will be under way this summer, so the need to commit to building the garage is on deadline. The City Council parked the garage plan Monday night, and will revisit the issue March 21st, after the Special Business District discusses it tonight.

The garage would have 300 spaces, 100 of which would go to the hotel and 25% of the spots would be public meter parking. Assistant City Manager, Tony St. Romaine says the "garage is crucial to the redevelopment in the North Village Arts District."

Blocks away from the soon to be renovated hotel is the location of the new apartment complex to be built on the corner of Walnut and College by Trittenbach Developers. Craig Van Matre, attorney for Trittenbach Developers, says that a parking garage would be ideal for the area, and the apartment complex plans to purchase at least 50 of the permit spots.

Mayor Bob McDavid isn't sure it is the right time to build this garage, despite the redevelopment of the Regency Hotel. McDavid says it is an issue of financial planning, and if the city can afford to put up another parking garage on Walnut.

The plan right now to finance the project is to raise parking meter payments from 30 cents per hour to 50 cents.