shots fired in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Police responded to multiple calls reporting shots fired at the intersection of Irma and Shamrock drives Monday. 

One neighbor said the shooting happened around 1 p.m. 

A vehicle approached a red Ford Fusion traveling on Shamrock Drive, then shots were fired at the Fusion. Police said the victims had no injuries, but bullets did damage the Fusion.

Officers confirmed there was a driver and a juvenile in the Fusion.

Neighbors said someone in a black car fired the shots, but police did not confirm that.

After the shooting, the Fusion parked in a driveway on Irma Drive. Police came and searched for evidence and the bullets. They said evidence for the case was found in the car. 

One neighbor said she was thankful for the rainy weather today. 

"Normally, there's a lot of children out here; my granddaughter and other children is out here on the front playing on they bikes." Clemmie Lawson said. "Thank God the weather was cold and rainy, otherwise the children would've been out."

Lawson said police arrived a little more than 30 minutes after the shooting.

Police haven't identified any suspects.