Shots fired in north Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Police responded to gunshots this morning in northern Columbia.

According to police, shots rang out in two different locations, including the area of Lamp Lane and Boyd Lane as well as Rice Road and Boyd Lane, and nobody was injured. 

Police found multiple bullet shell casings in both areas and a K-9 unit searched the area but was unsuccessful in locating the suspects.

Neighbors who heard the gun shots said they saw two cars, one gray and one burgundy. 

Neighbors surrounding the scene were confused and police say two of the residents were placed in handcuffs after getting in the way of a police investigation. 

One neighbor who lives by the scene feels the actions were unfair and that the police have much more to worry about. 

"This isn't the first time it happened, there are plenty of shootings out here and nothing is being solved," Deasha Kelly said. "It's a lot of stuff going on they should be focused on instead of locking up victims that are upset, that's how I feel."

The investigation is still going on and no further details are being released at the moment.