Shots Fired on Providence, Lead to Car Accident

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COLUMBIA - Two cars crashed when shots rang out near Providence Road and Interstate 70 late Sunday night.

Officers with the Columbia Police Department responded to the scene around 10 p.m. where the two vehicles collided. Officers told KOMU that they found more than one shell casing where Providence Road crosses over 1-70.

When KOMU arrived at the scene, officers were searching the nearby parking lot of Town and Country Lanes for tips in the investigation. Officers also detained 16-year-old Cezan Stock, who was driving the struck vehicle. Officers detained one more male shortly after.

Stock's mother, Andrea Brookins arrived at the scene following the accident. Brookins told KOMU news that she was staying at a nearby hotel after losing her home on West Boulevard to a fire this weekend. Brookins, along with friends and family, were told to stay back from the scene and no communication could be made with the detainees.

The group moved to the Break Time, just down the road where yelling escalated. Officers then approached and searched two males in a suspicious vehicle. The males were later released.

The investigation is still underway and officers say no one was seriously hurt in the crash or shooting.

According to Brookins, Stock was later released and was issued a citation for running a red light.