Show Em Comedy Festival comes to Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Show Em Comedy Festival took place Saturday and Sunday.

This is the first year for the festival and the idea was brought about by two Columbia residents.

Co-Founder Jesse Arnold is happy to see the vision finally come to life.

“After 18 months of planning we are very excited with the way everything has come out. We hope to make this festival as big as True/False and Roots & Blues,” Arnold said.

The comedy shows were held at a variety of different venues.

Some of the venues included:

  • Windsor Auditorium.
  • Shakespeare’s Pizza
  • Missouri Theatre
  • Broadway Hotel

The event took about 18 months of planning and networking.

Saturday was family day at Windsor Auditorium and all proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.

This event will take place again next year, and more information can be found on their website.