Show Me Green Sales Tax Day

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JEFFERSON CITY - If you're looking to save some green, the state wants you to try going green. Thursday marks the start of Missouri's fourth annual "Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday." Those who buy new Energy Star qualified appliances in Missouri during the holiday will save a minimum of 4.225 percent off their buy. The reduced price is as a result of the elimination of the state's sale tax from the appliance.

Some Energy Star-labeled appliances the qualify under this sales tax exemption are:

- Clothes washers

- Refrigerators

- Freezers


-Water heaters

- Furnaces

- Air conditioners

- Heat pumps

The tax holiday runs from Thursday, April 19 through Wednesday April 25.

According to a release from the Missouri Department of Revenue, many local governmental entities have also opted to participate in the tax holiday. That means the "green" appliances in those places will be exempt from not just state sales tax, but also city, county and special district sales taxes. Check out the list of participating places here.