Show-Me State Football

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COLUMBIA - When you think of summertime sports, football doesn't come to mind. But with the Show-Me State Games underway, just about every sport is on display right here in Columbia.

Complete it with coaches, refs, cheerleaders, and a few big hits, it's not your typical summer sport. But today football action continued at Cosmo Park.

The Show-Me State Games draw teams from all over Missouri and even a few out of state teams. The players say the summer games give them a chance to practice before the season starts in the fall.

While the games stress sportsmanship, one player says the competition on the field is all about state bragging rights.

"Yeah I think it's good because St. Louis is really good and we don't know about everybody else," said 13 year old Wootie Strain of the St. Charles Patriots.

"We always have the families come up here, we block off some rooms at the hotel every year. Right now we have our cook over there cooking and we're going to have a barbecue after this," said Jr. Eagles Sports Club coach Kenny Mays. "So it's a lot for the comraderie of the kids and the families. We all get together as one unit and everybody bonds. We have a really family oriented team."

Strain concluded with, "We were down here to compete and have good sportsmanship and be a good team and shake everybody's hand when it's all done and over with."