Show Me State Games

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COLUMBIA - Nothing could keep children and their parents inside for the Show Me State Games Saturday, not even extreme heat.  Game officials recommend that both athletes and parents drink plenty of fluids and stay out of the sun when possible. 

Parents at the U10 soccer game Saturday sat in the shade under trees or set up tents along the sidelines.  Both soccer teams also had tents for  the players to sit under during their breaks.

Although it was hot out, the players really didn't mind the heat.  Will Cover, one of the players said that it was hot, but he was still enjoying the games.

"It was blazing, but I'm glad we get an extra break," said Cover.

Coaches also emphasized the importance of hydration.  Daniel Shaw, one of the coaches said that the safety of the players is most definitely their top priority.

"We're making sure they all drink lots of water and keep hydrated," said Shaw.

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