Show Me Summit on Aging Informs Missouri's Elders

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging (MA4)  kicks off the 10th annual "Show Me Summit on Aging" Wednesday morning.

This is the largest forum on aging in the state of Missouri and is expected to attract more than 350 participants, sponsors and exhibitors. The conference will run through Friday with discussions providing information on how elders can speak up for themselves in health matters.

Mary Schaefer, President of MA4, feels this conference is crucial for Missouri's aging population.

"We're all looking at ways to work with our communities, to work with partners, so that we can be sure we're doing the best we can for the people that we're serving."

The summit is open to caregivers, civic leaders, nonprofit providers, members of the business community and anyone else interested in discussing the challenges facing Missouri's elderly.

One of the highlights of the conference focuses on elder exploitation.

"We've got some elder abuse training... elder abuse and financial abuse is a huge issue for older adults. There are a huge number of people preying on older adults and that has to stop."

San Diego Deputy District Attorney, Paul Greenwood, will host a training session on how to defend yourself from such offenses.

Other sessions offered at the summit include caregiver training, talks on Medicaid, financial management and the use of social media by elders.

The event is being held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel from August 21st through the 23rd. The opening session begins at 1:00 pm Wednesday.

Registration information for the conference can be found at MA4's website.