showcase como highlights what the columbia has to offer

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's business community was on display at the Showcase CoMo networking event, hosted by Columbia's Chamber of Commerce. Vendors had a chance to show off products, services, resources and involvement opportunities to show attendees what their community has to offer.

Matt McCormick, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, said this year's event had about 100 booths. He said he expected 1,000 to 1,200 people to walk through the doors.

"We've got everything from the city to non-profits to service industries to healthcare to construction, so a little bit of everything. That's what's really cool about it because it gives people the opportunity to come out and say, 'Pretty much anything I'm ever going to need is right here in Columbia and Boone County,'" McCormick said. 

Businesses of all sizes can participate, but McCormick said Columbia has lots of opportunities for small businesses.

"We have about a thousand members in the chamber, and about 83 percent of our membership are what we consider small businesses, which is 25 employees or less, which is a mirror image into what our community is," McCormick said. 

Volunteer Sean Spence said Columbia is great place for small businesses because of the people who live there.

"We absolutely have a small business culture. Our business community really is a community, where people get to know each other, get to help each other succeed. It's a great place to be," Spence said. 

Vendor Sabrina Lambrecht with Volunteer Columbia said she agreed the community has a lot to offer.

"It's a really giving community and people really do want to step up and they do want to help each other," Lambrecht said. 

McCormick said his favorite moments of this year's event were exactly that.

"I've gotten to meet a number of new people, and seeing our businesses succeed building their network and their customer base, and giving them the chance and that opportunity to do so. That's what we're here for," McCormick said. 

Upcoming Chamber of Commerce events can be found on their website.