Showdown for Relief

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COLUMBIA - Mizzou and KU competed for the time since 2012 and eyes all across Missouri were watching.

More than 18,000 people paid the $40 cost to livestream the game, according to announcer Mark Fitzpatrick.

“It’s really, in my opinion, the classic rivalry,” Booches co-owner Rick Robertson said.

Booches is always closed on Sundays so they were not airing the game but he made it clear how excited he was for the showdown.

“It’s been way too long. I am really looking forward to it,” Robertson said.

Robertson has co-owned Booches for 13 years and said it’s a hot spot for Mizzou basketball fans, players and coaches.

“I'm looking forward to hopefully that tradition starting back up again," Robertson said about cheering on a winning basketball.

Robertson watched the game at 9th Street Public House alongside another Mizzou fan, Treven Smith. Smith's story is a little different because he recently moved to the Virgin Islands.

“I was there for eight days and then Hurricane Irma hit and destroyed a lot of people's lives,” Smith said.

Smith has spent the past couple weeks in Missouri back at home. He was excited to support the Tigers and hurricane victims for the showdown.

"I think it's amazing that both Kansas and Mizzou came together to do an event to raise money to help those that are in need,” he said.

Smith said the Columbia community is similar to the Virgin Islands community because of its “friendly” people and atmosphere. This was even more apparent in his eyes during the showdown.

Both Smith and Robertson said they see a successful season for Mizzou basketball and will continue to root them on along the way.