Shutdown Will Not Shut Down Some HUD Funding

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MISSOURI - With the threat of the federal government programs shutting down without a budget agreement in the U.S. Congress by midnight Friday, many people wonder if the programs that matter to them will remain open. As of now, if the government shuts down, only federal agencies deemed "essential" will remain open. The Housing and Urban Development department is already prepared to remain open for certain services even if they are not found essential. HUD-funded credit counseling has the budget to stay open.

Thomas Nitzsche from ClearPoint Credit Couseling Solutions said there's no cause for concern. ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions will continue to offer the HUD funded counseling services in mid-Missouri to help assist home owners in making tough decisions like whether or not to foreclose.

"It's a foreclosure mitigation program that's provided by HUD and it's administered through non profit credit counciling organizations like ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions," he said.

Nitzche said the funding set aside for the housing counseling was part of last year's budget.

"We just want to get the word out that this program will not be affected by any possible shutdown," said Nitzsche, "'s been funded under a previous budget so these services will continue as they have for thirty years."