Sidewalk Improvement Projects in Columbia to be Discussed

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents can voice their opinions on the new sidewalk project plan Monday at a meeting of the Columbia Community Development Department.

Areas of Columbia with sidewalks crumbling or ending include Business Loop 70, Broadway, Nifong, Oakland Gravel Road, and others.

The goal is to prioritize sidewalk projects where gaps exist. Officials say the plan will help the city identify projects to apply for funding through grants and capital improvement funding.

There were originally 48 projects in the plan laid out in 2007 and nine of those have been completed or are underway.  That leaves 39 projects proposed in the plan for 2012.  GetAbout Columbia is funding most of these projects thus far.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. Monday at the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) on West Ash Street. Additionally, residents are invited to review the plan online regarding their feelings toward it.