Sidewalk on Seventh St. Under Construction to Meet ADA Guidelines

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COLUMBIA - Construction to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements began Friday on the sidewalk of Seventh St. and Broadway.

The sidewalk at that corner is virtually two levels.  The south end of the upper level of the sidewalk has no stair and is not wheelchair accessible.

The lower level is also not wide enough for a wheel chair.

Wheelchair user Garfield Ladd feels that the sidewalk program is just a start to what Columbia needs to do to improve on being more wheelchair friendly.

"It's an excellent start. I mean, there is a lot more that needs to be done. But, you know, you have got to start somewhere," Ladd said. "They have made some headways in the last year or two."

There are ultimately three main goals the city is trying to meet with this project.  The first is to bring the sidewalk up to ADA requirements and make it wheelchair accessible. The second is to address any and all safety concerns the two level sidewalk presented. Finally, it is simply for cosmetic changes.

There are lane restrictions and traffic delays at the west end of Broadway where the construction will ongoing for the coming weeks.