Sidewalks in Columbia Still are Unplowed

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COLUMBIA - Snow is still covering some commuter routes in Columbia. But it is not blocking cars. It is in the way of pedestrians.

Tracey Jones is a Columbia resident who walks to work. Jones said, "The sidewalks were so full I walked down the middle of the street. The sidewalk wasn't plowed and the streets were just getting there and it was slushy." She walks down Providence Road around 7 a.m. every weekday.

She even braved the aftermath of the first winter storm the next day. "The whole way coming I couldn't get to the sidewalk. So I was forced to walk in the street because the sidewalks were filled up with snow that was plowed there and was already there."

However, the sidewalks are still covered nearly two weeks after the first winter storm, and some are asking who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks?

"Yeah it is really annoying, especially on East Stewart, just having to walk over the snow mounds right there because they have really plowed them at all," said Columbia resident Chris Pentzas.

MoDot's spokesperson Sally Oxenhandler said, "It is not our issue," when asked who should plow the sidewalks on Stadium and Providence roads. Oxenhandler called back to clarify the statement she previously made. She explained that MoDot is responsible for the roadway and the maintenance of the road itself, but it did not construct the sidewalks. Therefore the state is not responsible for maintaining the sidewalks.

KOMU 8 contacted the City of Columbia Public Works Department multiple times to find out the city's responsibility when it comes to clearing sidewalks, but no one returned our calls.

Residents are responsible for clearing sidewalks in front of and adjacent to their own properties.