Sidewalks on Providence getting improved

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COLUMBIA - MoDOT is planning to improve almost six miles of sidewalks along Providence from Vandiver Drive to Route K starting this spring. 

"There's a lot of people that this project will benefit," said Mike Dusenburg, MoDOT Transportation Project Manager.

For residents like Pat Holt, who often walk to nearby stores, the improvements are welcome. 

"I think it's really important that MoDOT is fixing the sidewalks," Holt said. "I walk on Providence across the street to Walgreens or Lucky's. There's cracks in places so they need a little help here and there. It's a little dangerous." 

Dusenburg said the project is a big one for MODOT.

"The scope of the project involves sidewalks and intersections, ADA facilities, pedestrian signals, crosswalks and wheelchair ramps, things like that," he said. 

The main reason for the improvements, he said, is to bring sidewalks up to ADA codes, as required by federal law.

Holt said she believes the improvements for that purpose are much needed. 

"It can be dangerous if you're walking and you trip and fall or if a person in a wheelchair, especially a motorized wheelchair, and they're moving right along and all of a sudden, boom! There's a crack in the sidewalk." 

At the time of construction, MoDOT said, specific detours will be identified. Additionally, some private and commercial entrances will require partial closures. One lane of Providence may have to be closed, but that's not certain yet.

The project is expected to cost $900,000. Construction is expected to be done by fall 2019.