Sidewalks Won\'t Be Built by Lenoir Woods

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COLUMBIA - Construction is underway at Lenoir Woods, but that won't include the addition of new sidewalks.

Tonight, the Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission approved Lutheran Senior Services' request to not build sidewalks by the areas under construction, at least for now.

"Sidewalks will be built in the future utilizing the 85 thousand dollars that Lutheran Senior Services has pledged to cover the construction cost," Columbia Development Services Manager Patrick Zenner said.

Lutheran Senior Services, a non-profit network that specializes in enhancing the lives of seniors, said the addition of sidewalks on Roosevelt Avenue, Lenoir Street and New Haven Road was unnecessary and would put current and future seniors at risk.

The sidewalk issue came up when the construction companies' request conflicted with city law. "Requirements within our city code stipulate that we are required to build sidewalks whenever you are constructing new facilities," Zenner said.  If the constuction is on unimproved roads that don't have curbs, gutters or sidewalks, new sidewalk need to be built.

Children's safety was also a concern raised at the meeting.  The sidewalk on New Haven Road would run along New Haven Elementary School.  Some were worried that children who walk to school from the south, would cross the road without a crosswalk.  The school currently doesn't have the money to fund a crosswalk.

Lutheran Senior Services said that they would build the sidewalks in the future when the time was "most convenient."

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