Sign on Grindstone warns drivers of high crash area

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COLUMBIA - The next time drivers head down Grindstone Parkway in Columbia, they may notice a sign telling them to slow down.

The sign is at the intersection of Bearfield Road and Grindstone Parkway. The Columbia Police Department placed the sign telling drivers to reduce their speed due to a high number of crashes in the area.

According to the Columbia police dispatch, there have been 66 traffic accidents on Grindstone Parkway over the past three months. 

Columbia resident Stanley Dorst said he tries to avoid the area as much as possible.

"I don't drive there everyday. I used to when I worked in Jefferson City, but I was nervous every time I did drive down it," Dorst said.

The speed limit near the intersection is 50 mph. Dorst said he wishes people would slow down and pay better attention.

"There's a lot of traffic, and there are people pushing to get through. They do things that aren't very smart and there are accidents there all the time," Dorst said.

KOMU 8 News reached out to the Columbia Police Department, but it was unavailable to comment on how long the department plans on keeping the sign up.