Siren Broken in Auxvasse

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AUXVASSE- With severe weather always a possibilty during the spring time in Mid Missouri, the residents of Auxvasse are a little less prepared than usual. Their one and only tornado siren is not functioning.

"We have one siren for the entire town, it's supposed to reach the outskirts of town and all the way around town," said Missy Hooks, Auxvasse City Clerk.

Hooks said they found out the siren was out of commission when the usual monthly warning test rendered silent results. They contacted the Callaway County Emergency Operations Center (the facility that conducts the emergency alert tests in Mid Missouri), and found out the circuit board that controls the siren was fried. The board has been shipped off to be worked on, but in the mean time, the town remains siren-less.

Hooks said they've tried to spread the word to residents not to rely on the siren during severe weather but to tune into local television or radio stations for warnings.

"As soon as we get the siren up and running," said Hooks, "we'll be sure to let everybody know and they'll be able to start counting on that again hopefully, and everybody stays safe."