Skater Uses Wheels To Showcase Her Talents

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO - It looks like ice skating, it requres the same outfits as ice skating, but there's a catch.

"Some of the things that I think surprise people are is how much we're like ice. We do the same things as ice, we have the same jumps, the same spins, same dance skating," said Coach John Peck.

The major differences are the surface, and the shoes.

"Well a lot of people can't believe people do this on four wheels," added Peck.

Emma trent is an artistic skater taking her talent to the hardwood.

"It's a lot different, and it's a lot harder because our skates are heavier and we can't do all the tight spins and high jumps that they do," said Trent.

Trent says the heavier skates come in handy.

"It's different because we can do more dances and we flow better and it's really neat to watch," added Trent.

Skating wasn't always in Trent's future.

"When she was 10 years old, she was diagnosed with a disability," said Lisa Trent, Emma's mother, "They said that she could be crippled, actually she has JRA which is Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

And the sport that Trent devoted her whole life to gave her something in return.

"They were actually fitting her for a brace and they put her on a medication and within a year and a half she grew properly and they said if it wasn't for the skating she would probably have a disability where her leg was shorter than the other," said Lisa Trent.

And despite a small setback, Trent stays positive.

Emma Trent said, "I love it, it's what I do."