Slavery Cabin Sleep Over

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PILOT GROVE- Historian Joseph McGill spends the night in a very odd place. From time to time McGill sleeps  over at slave cabins. It is part of an effort to preserve slave cabins across the country.

McGill also gives brief talks to the public about the historic sites. His goal is to make the public more aware of the importance of slave cabins.

"It is a part of our history that is not comfortable for people to talk about, black and white," McGill said. "It is a part of our history that talks about chattle slavery."

This is McGill's first trip to Missouri for the project. Over the past several years he has done this many southern states.

McGill will be speaking at Pickard Hall on the Mizzou campus Tuesday, and it is open to the public. He will be in Mid Missouri all week. On Wednesday and he will be at another Pilot Grove Plantation, Pleasant Green. The following day he will be at the Russel/Reinhard House in Lexington.