small business week

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COLUMBIA - Monday was the start of Columbia's 25th annual Small Business Week. 

The five businesses honored as potential Small Business of the Year award winners are Harold's Doughnuts, Annabelle Events, Trueson Exteriors, Tompkins Homes and Developments and Columbia Business Times.

Michael Urban is the owner of Harold's Doughnuts, a business being honored in just it's third operating year in Columbia. Urban says small businesses are what make Columbia special.  

"You have a lot of creativity that permeates the community here through small businesses that keeps things fresh, keeps things lively and fun, and that's a neat community to be a part of."

He added, the abundance of establishments like his creates a strong sense of community in town.

"With the density of small businesses here, not only in the District but here in Columbia, in and of itself promotes this community that we all want to be a part of and help support each other. That is, I think, really unique," Urban said. 

Each day of the week, one of the five honored businesses will host a free seminar. It all leads up to the announcement of Small Business of the Year Thursday.