Small Callaway town considering merger with Holts Summit

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LAKE MYKEE - The small Callaway County town of Lake Mykee, population 326, is discussing the possibility of a consolidation with nearby Holts Summit. Susan Rehagen, Lake Mykee's clerk, said a merger could happen within two to three years. 

Rehagen said the town wants to merge with Holts Summit because it can no longer afford to maintain its own sewer system, which no longer meets EPA standards. 

"We looked at the possibility of building our own system, and that price is just way over the top," Rehagen said. "It would obligate our citizens to huge monthly sewer expenses." 

Rehagen said a consolidation with Holts Summit would be "the most feasible, economical way to go."

Rehagen said Lake Mykee also wants its own police protection. Currently, Callaway County sheriff's deputies patrol the town. She said said joining Holts Summit would give the community better response times. 

"Once in a while we'll have a few break-ins," Rehagen said. "It would be nice to have police."

Holts Summit and Lake Mykee's municipal limits are currently not contiguous. Rehagen said this means Holts Summit would have to annex land in order to reach Lake Mykee and make a consolidation possible. 

"That's prime land for development," Rehagen said. "The way Holts Summit is growing, I can see in the not too distant future that wanting to be subdivided."

Rehagen said Lake Mykee wants to be a part of Holts Summit's growth.

"Holts Summit is in a position to expand," she said. "We want to get in on that." 

Rehagen said Lake Mykee residents should see very few changes. She said street addresses would not change, Lake Mykee will stay within the New Bloomfield school district, and cost increases, if any, would be negligible.

"We're not going to see a big difference, other than we will not have personal property taxes," Rehagen said.

Officials from Holts Summit did not return KOMU 8 News' request for comment. 

(Editor's note: This story has been updated with additional information.)