\"Small Town Big Deal\" Films Episode in Fulton

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FULTON - Mizzou alum Jann Carl from Carthage, Missouri has had a lot of experience since her days at the Missouri School of Journalism. Since leaving Mizzou she has had a variety of jobs and her experiences continue to become more diverse.

From reporting and anchoring in LA to the red carpets of Hollywood Jann Carl has seen a lot, but now she is hunting for hidden stories in small towns across America. Her newest endeavor is co hosting and producing "Small Town Big Deal" on RFD-TV. She and creator Rodney Miller hunt for the unsung heroes and unknown attractions of the small towns of America.

"Small Town Big Deal" filmed an episode in Fulton on Wednesday at the National Churchill Museum. The museum honoring Winston Chuchill is in the basement of the St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury church located on Westminister Campus in the heart of Fulton.

The church was originally built in London but was brought to the campus stone-by-stone in 1966. By 1967 the entire church had been rebuilt on the campus. Facts like these are what the show "Small Town Big Deal" looks for. The show isn't just a quick blurb about the museum and the church; they look for minute details that tell the story behind the history of the sites they visit.

National Churchill Museum Executive Director, Rob Havers, hopes that the show filming in Fulton will attract more paid visitors to the museum "It is a great opportunity for the museum, right now we get about twelve to fourteen thousand paid visitors a year and hopefully this will increase our numbers."

Carl is a new member of the crew and fits in well, saying, "Ever since I went to, ya know, the universities journalism school in Columbia, I learned how to take that curiosity (I had) and turn it into information for people. And I think the audience for "Small Town Big Deal" they want to have fun, they want to experience things with you, but I think they want to learn something too."

Miller created the show over a year ago and once Carl saw an episode she fell in love. She wrote an email to the executive producer of the show saying she would do anything to help with the show because she was so intrigued by the stories they were telling. Executive producer, Roger Mahr, said "It was the funniest thing because I get this email from Jann Carl and I didn't think she was serious about it but she wrote this long letter offering any form of help possible. And then at the end she wrote ‘P.S. I promise I'm not a stalker.' So then we reached out to her and she and Rodney immediately hit it off."

One of Carl's first goals after joining the show was to film an episode in Mid Missouri, especially the Churchill Museum.The episode will air on April 18.


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Interview with Rodney Miller about creating "Small Town, Big Deal" from KOMU News on Vimeo.