Smart Decision 2013: Voters Pass 911 Sales Tax

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COLUMBIA - Boone County voters passed a new 3/8 cent sales tax increase to fund improvements to the county's 911 center. That new tax will raise Boone County's sales tax rate to about 7.9 percent.

Voters passed Proposition 1 Tuesday with 56.82 percent voting yes and 43.18 percent voting no.

A website called "Yes on 1 for 911" breaks down what the new sales tax means:

  • Upgrading staffing levels to meet current demand.
  • Information technology and equipment upgrades.
  • Constructing a new Joint Communications/911 Dispatch Center and Emergency Management Center in one location to meet community needs.

The GRO-Grass Roots Organization announced Tuesday it opposed the sales tax. "Everything is going up in price and adding more sales tax will only make it harder for me to survive," said disabled GRO Board Member Robert Jackson.

Boone County Commissioner Dan Atwill announced the victory around 9:30 p.m. to supporters of the sales tax at a watch party Tuesday night.

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