Smart Decision 2014: Bayse won a tight race for mid-Missouri House seat

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COLUMBIA - Incumbent Rep. John Wright, D-Rocheport, lost his seat in Missouri's 47th House District to Republican Chuck Basye Tuesday night.

Basye won by a narrow margin of 5,007 to 4,744 votes.

He said he plans to push back any "needless regulations" and lower taxes, but first he said he is going to take a break.

"I'm ready to take a couple of days off," Basye said. "My dogs are missing me."

Wright said he is appreciative of all the hard work and support from volunteers and his campaign.

"We did our best to lay out my values and priorities to the citizens of our district," Wright said.

Wright said he is grateful for the opportunity to serve his community. He said he will continue to find ways to do so in the future. He said he has not ruled out running for office again in the future.

"Just keep pushing," Wright said. "I'm proud of the hard work of our campaign team. That's just how it goes."

The district includes western and northern parts of Columbia, along with parts of Howard, Boone, Randolph and Cooper counties.

It is a swing district and many political observers said the race was close. Bayse, himself, said it would come down until the last minute. 

"It all depends on who gets out and votes, and we'll see how it turns out," Basye said. 

Wright said politics are highly unpredictable and all a candidate can do is their best everyday and then watch for the outcome.

Basye, with little political background, ran on a platform of lower taxes and investing in education.

Wright's campaign focused on ethic reforms. In the last session, he proposed a bill limiting gifts from lobbyists.