Smart Phones Promote Green Living

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COLUMBIA - From Angry Birds to Words with Friends, Smart phones have added reality to the mix; green reality. More apps have bee designed to help people live greener lifestyles.

The top three green apps:

1. Green Outlet- This app will show the amount of electricity consumed in your house. It targets the most energy draining appliances. It's simple. You add your current rate of Kilowatts, appliance and it will estimate your current electricity bill.

2. Green Plan- This app shows your carbon footprint and how you can minimize your usage. Green Plan gives you information to reduce and monitor your carbon footprint count.

3. iRecycle- This app keeps you up to date on current recyclable items. It also gives you the closest recycling centers and how to organize your materials beforehand.

Most of these apps are cost friendly. The costs range from $1.00 to free.