Smartphones Assist with Holiday Shopping

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COLUMBIA - Holiday shopping may be a little easier this season with the help of smartphones.

The National Retail Confederation predicts that 50 percent of smartphone owners will use their smartphones to help with holiday shopping this season. However, only 16 percent of that group will use their phone to make purchases. 

"So the mobile apps have always been a sense of, well we'll just browse around and see what's going on, but I may buy somewhere else," said MU business professor Wayne Keene. 

He went on to say to businesses are now trying to find how to get a commitment to purchase on the mobile devices. 

Retailers are vigorously making mobile sites and applications to help consumers find gifts by using their phones. Many shoppers already use their phones to compare prices in the store, but there are other applications available to help one with their holiday shopping.

One iPhone app called "Gift List Free" lets you make a shopping list and budget for every person on your list.

Another app is completely dedicated to sorting through and mapping your Black Friday shopping. 

Nextag is an app that lets you scan barcodes to compare product prices. 

Many people will do their shopping the old fashioned way, but these new tools may make life a little easier.