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COLUMBIA - During the first week of Show Me Climate we've discussed many of the basics of our changing climate. We started with the difference between weather and climate, moved on to why the climate is changing so rapidly, dug into non-renewable and renewable sources of energy, saw the changes occurring around the world, and looked at data showing how weather is trending in a new direction, too. 

Here, I sit down with the Pat Guinan, the Missouri State Climatologist, for a conversation about the trends we've been seeing right here in the Show-Me State. You can watch the entire conversation above, or the simplified version that aired during a KOMU 8 News broadcast. 

Pat and I chat about the many trends we are seeing in Missouri, from warmer nights, warmer winters, wetter seasons, shorter seasons, longer seasons, agricultural impacts, and much more about the history and climate of Missouri. 


This story is part of SHOW ME CLIMATE, an ongoing KOMU 8 series devoted to ethically explaining climate change without politics using fact-based data to deliver important information about our world and the Show-Me State.