Smoother Transition for Westminster Transfer Students

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FULTON - Students transferring to Westminster College will have an much smoother transition after Wednesday

Westminster College signed a transfer student agreement with the Maricopa Community Colleges to help ease the transition for college students.

According to the agreement, all associate degrees completed at any of the colleges within the Maricopa College system based out of Phoenix, AZ, will transfer to Westminster. Courses taken at any Maricopa College will also transfer.

Teamwork was key to establishing this agreement.

"Our two faculties and staffs will work together to ensure no obstacles stand in the way of Maricopa students who wish to transfer into a Westminster four-year liberal arts program," said George Wolf, Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Services. "We want a seamless transfer process so no student has to repeat competencies already achieved or face unnecessary paperwork in the transfer process."

Maricopa is one of the largest community college districts in the country comprised of ten community colleges.