Snakes may be appearing more due to recent rain and flooding

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COLUMBIA - After the recent storms and flooding the MU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences warned snakes may be appearing more.

Once a storm hits especially in the summer months, snakes are forced to come out of their usual habitat and seek higher ground.

Kelly Stiefermann, a humane certified wildlife biologist and owner of A All Animal Control, said he removes a lot more snakes when there is this type of weather.

"When there is severe rain, snakes are more likely to slip out of their hiding spots," Stiefermann said. "We most commonly get calls for snakes under porches and also in basements quite a bit."

Richard Daniel, an MU biological sciences professor, said when snakes' habitats are compromised, they do what all other animals would do, which is look for food and shelter.

"If you see a snake and leave it alone it rarely just bites you," Daniel said. "People who usually get bitten are either trying to pick one up or move it."

Daniel said there are only six snakes common in Mid-Missouri, and out of those snakes, only three are poisonous.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, venomous snakes can be identified by their vertical pupils, like a cat, where as non-venomous snakes have round pupils.