Snappers Softball Team Deals With Recent Struggles

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COLUMBIA - The Snappers softball team based in Columbia consists of players that were cut from high school teams acorss the state. However, this team has been through a lot in the last year.

Last year, former Snappers softball head coach Otho Smith was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortnatley, Smith recently lost his battle with cancer and now it is up to Wesley Barnes to take over.

"Last year, he got colon cancer and passed away, so, the team went dead for about six months, so I took it and tried to get it all started again," said Snappers new head coach Wesley Barnes.

Under Barnes, the team has done very well. "In the fall we got second place with four girls from Hickman," said Barnes.

The players enjoy playing for the Snappers as well. So much so, that some do not even play softball at their respective high schools. "Well, competitive is year around, so we play in the fall too, but I just like competitive better," said Snappers catcher Mallory Barnes.

Snappers head coach Wesley Barnes believes that giving his players confidence is one of the keys to success. "Work with them, talk to them, give them that confidence back. They get out there, they start hitting the ball, they love it. So, they keep coming back," Said Barnes.

The confidence that Barnes is talking about is starting to show in the Snappers play. "I love this team, they're so much fun. And we get competitive, so that's awesome," said Snappers pitcher Allison Tonyan.