Snow Has Residents on Snow Routes Cautious About New Rules

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council's amendment to an ordinance earlier this year makes priority snow routes "No Parking" areas if more than two inches of snow is on the ground. One resident who lives on a priority route said he thinks many people will be confused if enough snow falls Friday and their cars get towed.

New signs were installed last week on streets the city considers 1st and 2nd priority snow routes. Chase Sanders lives on one of the streets and said he saw the signs, but wishes the city had notified him better. 

"It would've been nice to just get something in the mail to my house that at least told me what was happening because some people don't always pay attention to signs or notice them," Sanders said. 

Sanders said he thinks people will be confused if the expected snow Friday exceeds two inches and the city tows cars. 

"If it snows a lot today, I think there will be a lot of problems," Sanders said. "I think there will be a lot of confusion and a lot of people that are not going to see their car and wonder where it went."

Sanders said he thinks the new parking rules will be a hassle for residents and the city. 

"There's already not a lot of parking in Columbia so it's pretty much just a huge inconvenience," Sanders said. "It's also a hassle that they're going to have to deal with towing these cars and I don't really understand the point since they've man gaged to clear the roads with parked cars on them every year before."

The city said in a news release that the changes were in response to past winter storms where parked vehicles hindered efforts to plow routes in a timely manner. 

Snow accumulations are expected to be between two to four inches by Saturday morning.