Snow still covers neighborhood streets, causes concern

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COLUMBIA - After Tuesday's snowfall across Columbia, people across town are still having trouble driving on their streets.

On Thursday morning the Columbia Public Works Department said it had all of the primary roads within Columbia clear. With the primary roads clear, 12 snow plows within Columbia would be focusing on residential areas starting Thursday morning.

Despite crews working on streets throughout neighborhoods, Ameli Schwartz had not been able to leave her home since the snowfall. Schwartz said this was not the first year the bad roads have been poorly paved. "Pretty much ever since we moved here it's been a general battle to get the street plowed, and then when they do plow it, it's usually not plowed very well."

Teresa White with Columbia Public Works said there have been a lot of customers reaching out via social media and phone calls regarding the road conditions. "We try to react as best we can to the specific concerns, but they are focused on the residential areas."

Schwartz said she understands priority roads should be plowed first, but she said sometimes the streets in her area never get plowed. 

Despite Schwartz's frustration with the covered roads, she hadn't gone to the extremes some of her neighbors have. "There have been some neighbors that have gotten private contractors."

White said they are encouraging drivers to practice good winter driving. "There are still a lot of slick areas especially in those residential areas."

The weather was also playing a factor in clearing the roads.

"The sun is really helping melt things, but if the trucks haven't been out there yet, they still definitely could be dangerous," White said.