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COLUMBIA - Downtown Columbia is going to get crowded on Sunday because of the annual Soap Box Derby.

Soap Box Derby is a race for kids from age seven to 17. racers need to build or buy a stock car in order to compete with their opponent on Broadway from Eighth Street to Providence Road.

Rick McKernan, who is the race director of the Mid-Missouri Soap Box Derby, said this Sunday is going to mark the 80th anniversary of the first Soap Box Derby in Columbia. 

He said kids can learn a lot through this race.

"The kids don't realize, but we are sneaking a lot of learning into their work on the cars," he said. "They just want to go a little faster than their opponent, but in order to do that, they have to apply those principles."

The Mis-Missouri Soap Box Derby's rich history has also made this race a family event as well. 

Melanie Harr-Hughes was the city winner of Soap Box Derby in 1991, and her son is going to race this Sunday as the forth generation racer in her family.

"My grandfather, Charles Harr, was the first racer," she said. "My dad raced in one, my uncle and my brother raced three times."

Harr-Hughes said Soap Box Derby is a fun thing to do in this community, and this is the reason why her family has been very involved.